Supercharge staff tipping income

Bepo is a simple, digital way for customers to tip, give feedback and provide public reviews.

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Increase staff pay by never missing a tip

Allow customers to tip when they dont have cash. Staff take home more pay and you don't have to manage the tip distribution. No app download required.

Support Apple Pay, Google Pay, Venmo, Paypal and all major credit cards.

Tips are automatically distributed direct to employee, tip pool or payroll

Improve staff retention by providing higher take-home pay

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AI powered real-time customer reviews

Get a real time view into how your customers perceive your service quality.

Instant notification when customers are not happy, public recognition when they are.

Track individual and team performance over time

Improve customer loyalty

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Ready for small business or enterprise

Bepo is a secure, web-based application that integrates into your existing payment systems and software.

Enterprise-grade Platform

Easily integrate your existing systems with our end-to-end API

Custom branded experience

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What types of businesses use Bepo?

Any service business can benefit from digital tipping with Bepo!


Reward movers quickly with Bepo—turning new houses into homes.


Show appreciation for clean spaces; Bepo makes tipping your crew effortless.


Thank landscapers with ease; Bepo's digital tips reflect your outdoor pride.


Thank HVAC experts for comfort with Bepo’s quick, digital tips.


Light up your electricians’ day—Bepo brings hassle-free tipping.


Applaud your plumbers’ work; Bepo offers a slick tip with a click.

Pest Control

Express relief with Bepo—tip pest control pros in a few seconds.


Acknowledge handyman fixes; Bepo simplifies tipping on the go.

Hotels & Resorts

Enhance guest experiences with streamlined digital gratuity options.

Bed &  Breakfasts

Offer a touch of comfort with quick, appreciative tip payments.

Hair & Beauty Salons

Show appreciation for beauty services with an instant digital tip.

Spa & Massage

Effortlessly reward the tranquility and care provided in your session.

Nail Salons

A simple tap to tip complements the perfect nail service experience.

Barber Shops

Digital tipping made easy for stylish cuts and professional trims.

Wellness Retreats

Wellness excellence is just a tap away with easy digital tipping.

Fitness Studios

Support and reward your fitness journey with instant digital gratitude.


Ace the game—Bepo's quick tips are a perfect match for your coaches.

Personal Fitness

Strengthen support—Bepo's seamless tipping tones up trainer gratitude.


Pose thanks—Bepo eases the flow of tips to your serene yoga guides.


Step up rewards—Bepo's quick tips keep pace with your dance mentors.


Tune into generosity—Bepo harmonizes the way you tip music instructors.


Speak gratitude—Bepo's fast tips converse well with language coaches.


Paint appreciation—Bepo delivers a masterpiece in easy instructor tipping.

Restaurant Delivery

Savor the service—Bepo brings the tips as delightful as the meal.


Speedy gratuity—Bepo delivers the thanks as fast as your parcels.

Grocery Delivery

Fresh appreciation—Bepo ensures your grocery heroes are well thanked.

Ride Share

Moving thanks—Bepo ensures your journey’s pilots are aptly appreciated.

Medical Transportation

Caring compensation—Bepo honors the compassion of your care drivers.

Pet Transportation

Pawsitive praise—Bepo spreads the love to those who transport your furry friends.

Airport Transport

Jet-set gratitude—Bepo makes sure your airport rides are rewarded

Package Delivery

Parcel props—Bepo lets you easily thank those who deliver your essentials.

It's easy to get started with digital tipping!

How it Works


Each staff member and tip-pool has their own unique QR code and tipping page. Customers scan the QR code, receive an email link or tap their phone on a reader to be brought to the tipping page.


The customer selects the tip amount, gives a rating and uses their favorite payment method (Apple Pay, Visa, Paypal, etc.) to complete the tip!


Tips are paid out to the staff member or distributed to the tip pool based on your tipping policy.


Our AI reads all the feedback from customers tips and warns when something is wrong and prompts the customer for a public review when they enjoyed the service.